About Debbie Robbins


“I find it so beautiful to watch as clients gain self awareness, understanding of themselves and feel the benefits of Pilates.   They walk away empowered and I love that they trust in my guidance along their journey.  I’m incredibly grateful to spend my time doing what I love and what I feel good at.”

Debbie is a natural, passionate and gifted teacher who believes in keeping an open minded approach to her training and development…..she’s constantly learning and intrigued by the body and mind.  She loves sharing this intrigue and the ongoing knowledge she gains with others.

From an early age, the youngest of 3 super active children, Debbie and her siblings grew up being encouraged to move, explore and challenge themselves.   They would often go on hill walking holidays and their dad would take them abseiling and rock climbing, Debbie also love to dance too, so it was a natural progression to go and study a Diploma in ‘Fitness, Health and Exercise’ in Edinburgh.  At the end of the course and having worked as a freelance aerobics instructor & a cheerleader for the Scottish claymores by the ripe young age of 20, bounding with joy and passion she decided to go travelling and see the world while doing what she loved as a job.

With a love of the sunshine her first country to visit was Australia, of course.  She worked for 6 months as a freelance instructor in Melbourne, Victoria and loved it.   She visualised and dreamed of living there for longer……and shortly afterwards she was sponsored by Hilton Hotels to launch the beginning of LivingWell Health Clubs in Australia, she worked in both Melbourne, Victoria and then Brisbane, Queensland.  Although Debbie was ‘fit’ she was in pain everyday and lacked awareness of her body, mind & self this is when she started to do Pilates to try and help herself,  it made her feel so much more whole…. balanced, in control, stronger, pain free and supple.  It was a gradual journey that slowly helped and continues to guide her both mentally and physically,

Debbie had to move back to the UK as her 5 year visa came to an end.  She journeyed back via Thailand and spent a month travelling around and empowering her soul with wonderful adventures; a Thai massage course in Chiang Mai, a Reiki course in Bangkok and beautiful trips to the islands.  Once back in the uk she started teaching Pilates classes in Edinburgh, Scotland.  It was a challenging time fitting back into life in the uk, however she kept her focus on her skill and used her energy and time to focus on a clear vision.  Pilates gave her a grounding and in this it made her feel liberated to pursue her dreams, she auditioned and trained for a year as a ‘Dance Artist’ at Edinburgh college in 2006.  In 2008 she started aerial training, then in 2015 she proudly and gratefully received funding from Creative Scotland and toured a very personal aerial dance show across Scotland called ‘In Her Shadows‘.   From 2013 Debbie also created syllabus for aerial Pilates, which combines aerial arts with the Pilates method and now delivers teacher training for Pilates teachers around with world with Air Control Pilates!